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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a great day!

So today my alarm didn't wake me up, so that really got my day starting out just GREAT! So i hopped into my car and was on my way to northstar, turns out i got one of the BEST parking spots ever! i really don't know how but it happen. Shredded all day and it was amazing, saw some bros and what not then after northstar we went over to boreal! after about and hour of hanging out in the village. Boreal was amazingg, paul and byrce where there filming so it really made the night great! than after freezing out booties off we headed back home, well with one pit stop to grab some mexican food and play a lot of games on our phones. Then we drove Jason back to northstar because it was his last night out here in tahoe. Can't wait to see you again buddy!

Anddddd for your viewing pleasure....

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